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One-on-One Roadshows

For nearly two decades, Lytham Partners clients have participated in more than 5,000 one-on-one meetings with institutional investors across the United States. Our firm has been instrumental in developing the value proposition messaging that propels companies into market leadership positions. This track record is built on the foundation of consistent corporate performance, credibility of management, and a dedication to interacting with "the Street" on a quarterly basis -- year after year.

In our experience, the key driver in maximizing valuation and cultivating long-term shareholders for companies with market caps under $1 billion is increased awareness of those individual companies by the national institutional investor community. That awareness or outreach can come in many different forms. As a leader in providing institutional access, Lytham Partners is known for connecting top micro and small-cap companies to investors that can have a profound and sustainable impact on the valuation of our clients.

Wall Street is not just in New York -- it is all across America. From Boston to Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver and San Francisco, Lytham Partners maintains strong relationships with various money management firms. Because of these long-standing relationships, we understand the criteria and requirements of these key decision makers, which leads to enhanced shareholder value for our client companies.

Having worked with companies in the healthcare, technology, services, industrial, agriculture, aerospace and defense segments, as well as the consumer and capital goods industries, we interface with a broad array of portfolio managers, independent money managers and research analysts that are both specialists in their industries as well as micro- and small-cap generalists.

Peer Group Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Do you know how your company ranks against its peers?

How your company ranks against its direct peers in your industry's most important metrics has a profound impact on the valuation of your company. 

Let us provide you with a comprehensive peer group analysis at no obligation to you.   

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