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Corporate Video Production

By enriching communication between a company and its shareholders, video can improve message clarity and facilitate learning, increasing share price and liquidity as well as institutional and retail investor reach. Lytham Partners works along side video professionals to help client company's incorporate high-quality, convenient and affordable online video into their investor relations strategy.

Covering everything from concept strategy through production, distribution and web implementation, this complete solution helps clients create powerful content that strengthens their message, expands their reach and elevates their brand.

Production Services

Investor overviews, video news releases, patient testimonials, company overviews, science/technology features and video case studies are among some of the videos we can produce.

Web Integration Services

To ensure that a company realizes the full value of its video investment and maximizes the effectiveness, our team will help design a website strategy formation, develop a video portal for the client's website, and create a robust video optimization program.

Distribution Services

Our professional video partners will facilitiate distribution of video content to multiple prominent publishers and media professionals ensuring that video content is promoted to the right audiences and key influencers. These include financial aggregation sites like WSJ.com, Yahoo and Google Finance, the AP and Dow Jones newswires, and national publications like USA Today and The New York Times. In addition, content is distributed to a large network of financial websites, bloggers and video sharing portals.

Peer Group Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Do you know how your company ranks against its peers?

How your company ranks against its direct peers in your industry's most important metrics has a profound impact on the valuation of your company. 

Let us provide you with a comprehensive peer group analysis at no obligation to you.   

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