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Investor Relations

As one of the country's leading investor relations firms, Lytham Partners' focus is to work with unique, undiscovered, leading-edge companies that are believed to be inefficiently valued by the market. Inefficient valuation stems from "the Street" not fully recognizing either the operating fundamentals or the strategic opportunity that a company represents.

Our mission is to unlock the inherent value of our client companies. Lytham Partners works to optimize corporate positioning, and shareholder value, by creating messaging and presentations that specifically highlight your valuation attributes. We then broadly introduce and simultaneously bring together the management teams with the appropriate institutional and retail investors capable of having a profound and sustainable impact on our client companies' valuation.

Lytham Partners leverages not only the attributes of our financial relations department, but also our public relations, management advisory and brand identity abilities to help drive the success of the overall investor relations process. Clients know Lytham Partners is looking to drive shareholder value by all means possible, utilizing best practices from each area.

Having represented a number of top Forbes Best Small Companies and numerous others across a wide array of industries, Lytham Partners has earned a reputation of providing high-quality financial relations counsel to unique up-and-coming companies. Our strategies, relationships and expertise provide our client companies, and their shareholders, with a platform for success.

Investor Relations