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About Lytham Partners

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We provide expertise and guidance to small-cap companies in the healthcare, technology, service, industrial, agricultural, aerospace and defense segments, as well as the consumer and capital goods industries.

Our team of professionals delivers real-world solutions based on extensive industry experience, thoughtful reflection, and an abundance of compassion and consideration for our clients and their various stakeholders.

We are dedicated to the expansion of your enterprise by providing the integrated expertise that drives shareholder value and supports the development, growth and confidence of your company's corporate governance structure -- from operating executives to the Board of Directors. We're here to grow your company and to drive value for your shareholders.

Having represented a number of top Forbes Best Small Companies and numerous others across a wide array of industries, Lytham Partners has earned a reputation of providing high-quality investor relations counsel to unique up-and-coming companies. Our strategies, relationships and expertise provide our client companies, and their shareholders, with a platform for success.

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Investor Relations Philosophy

Lytham Partners believes the foundation of a successful investor relations campaign is the ability to create relationships. We understand that investment decisions are profoundly influenced by direct interaction between institutional investors and management. To a great many institutions, access to management is the catalyst that validates the quantitative assumptions in a report. This is where long-term sustainable support is born.

Our mission is to unlock the inherent value of our client companies. Lytham Partners works to optimize corporate positioning, and shareholder value, by creating messaging and presentations that specifically highlight your valuation attributes. We then broadly introduce and simultaneously bring together the management teams with the appropriate institutional and retail investors capable of having a profound and sustainable impact on our client companies' valuation.

Due Diligence / Lytham Process

Our investor relations process comes from decades of experience with institutional investors and small-cap companies.

Due Diligence
Lytham conducts on-site meetings to gain a full understanding of your company and your investor relations needs.

Corporate Positioning
We help create new materials to better communicate your story to Wall Street by repositioning your company: corporate profile, corporate presentation, press releases, investor package, annual report and shareholder letter, Chairman and/or management blog, website development and management.

Investor Outreach
Our outreach efforts help maintain and grow your shareholder base through one-on-one roadshows, telephonic outreach and introductions, investor conference participation, quarterly virtual roadshows, executive videos, quarterly earnings events and more.

Manage Shareholders
We streamline shareholder management by handling press release writing and distribution as well as EDGAR filing, fulfillment and printing. In addition, we can handle creating and managing your investor database, and maintaining your investor website.

Consulting & Crisis Communications
Lytham provides expert guidance on many investor relations issues such as proxy and activist investor issues, financing evaluation, Board of Director consulting, and executive coaching.

Detailed Reporting
We keep you up-to-date with quarterly analysis books, detailed peer group comparisons, and investment community perception studies.

Lytham Process